Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Let's Go Fishin!

There is a wonderful group called Bits and Bobs 2 that are making the cutest little fishies! These are made out of cotton and can be used for ANYHTING! We have been making afghans out of them and some have turned them into potholders, washcloths, rugs, and soap savers! Use your imagination; what can YOU come up with?

To get the pattern or join the group go here.

Christmas Angel

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Hanane said...

back when I fist started knitting I saw that tesselated fish patten and went on an internet oddessey trying to find it. When I did, I made a couple of the fish out of scrap yran I had laying around and then got to thinking that I am really going to have sew all these together now. But it is a great stash buster.