Saturday, July 14, 2007

Attention Crocheters Pablito the Penguin

Hey I was out blog surfing one of my favorite activities. And I came across PABLITO THE PENGUIN
Isn't he adorable. Ana Paula has more free patterns on her blog listed in the links in the side bar. Visit if you get a chance.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Cutest Kiwi Bird

You can find the pattern here

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Let's Go Fishin!

There is a wonderful group called Bits and Bobs 2 that are making the cutest little fishies! These are made out of cotton and can be used for ANYHTING! We have been making afghans out of them and some have turned them into potholders, washcloths, rugs, and soap savers! Use your imagination; what can YOU come up with?

To get the pattern or join the group go here.

Christmas Angel

Stash Bustin Patterns by Hanane

Here my patterns are located here.

Cabled Winter Headband

Vandyke Lace Headband

Both of these patterns take less than a skein of yarn. I used a superwash wool for the cabled headband and a woolease for the Lace headband. Less than a skein. I LOVE IT!!!!

From the Vegetable Patch

Here is a great stash buster that I designed. I call the Collection From the Vegetable Patch

Each item looks like a veggie! There are:

Eggplant Booties

Eggplant Hat

Strawberry Booties

Watermelon Booties

Many more will be coming soon! I hope you enjoy these!

I have found that these are not only great stash busters, BUT they also are great for beginners, and sure knit up fast! I can get a pair of booties done in about a half an hour.

Christmas Angel

Thursday, July 5, 2007


This blog is open to anyone who would like to post a link with pictures, patterns to quick simple stash busting patterns, Knit or Crochet. This is a place to simply showcase your work.
Show people how you recycle those scraps of yarn, fabric, or anything you have hanging around that you have come up with a way of getting rid of in a useful manner.

Enjoy Post Away. I can't wait to see what everyone posts.